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The Nature Conservancy


The Oregon coast is not your typical American beach – and that’s why we love it. We partnered with the Nature Conservancy in Oregon to celebrate the ways this brutal, beautiful marine habitat embodies their vision for the entire state.


Our love letter concept sparked a statewide campaign that called on Oregonians to write their own love letter to the coast, elevating the Oregon chapter’s profile through digital and radio promotion and IRL events.

But conservation is more complicated than simply celebrating nature.


From the clash between politics and science to escalating disputes over natural resources, environmental issues are both more divisive and more urgent than ever. Luckily, the Nature Conservancy isn’t afraid to do the dirty work of finding common ground, and that’s what makes them so badass.

They challenged us to help them connect more deeply with their Oregon member base by making their complex work easier to understand, so we dug into the details with a series of documentary-style short films that highlight their coolest initiatives. A few examples below:


Space Cowboys

We visited ranchers, scientists and conservationists on Zumwalt Prairie who are collaborating to create more sustainable cattle grazing practices with a little help from space-borne satellites.



We talked with tons of stakeholders in Ashland – from boots-on-the-ground ecologists to the mayor himself – to unpack the city’s complex, innovative efforts to protect their home and habitat from forest fires.


Break Through

Can a pasta machine save the sage grouse? We traveled to the Oregon desert to find out how Nature Conservancy scientists are using an unlikely kitchen tool to restore habitat for these strange, awesome creatures.


The videos, photos and stories we collected over the course of two cross-state road trips now live on The Nature Conservancy in Oregon’s website and across their social media to bring their incredible work to life.



Creative Director: Peter Metz
Director of Photography: Padraic O’Meara
Story Producer + Copywriter: Emily Jensen
Producer: Dawn Wagner, Brady Holden
Editor: Wil Magness

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