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Night Sight on Google Pixel



Night Sight on Google Pixel


Google came to us for help launching a new low light photography feature on Pixel called Night Sight. Our mission was to build hype by showcasing its impressive capabilities. The catch? We couldn’t test the feature until the night of the shoot.


Low light photography on smartphones is advancing fast, but nothing comes close to Night Sight on Google Pixel. The feature uses a combination of AI and extended exposure to capture photos in the dark with a level of color, detail and brightness that no other phone can touch.

But without having the feature in-hand, we had to get extra creative to come up with concepts that would highlight its capabilities without overpromising. When our team headed for a pitch-black forest, an abandoned mill, and a dark dragon boat dock, we were nervous. Luckily, Night Sight did not disappoint.


Our content ran across paid and owned social on multiple Google channels as part of a suite of ads that built buzz around the feature before the update even hit phones, and the internet was here. for. it.



Creative Team
Paul Bjork, Creative Director
Ani Djaferian, Art Director
Emily Jensen, Copywriter