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Portland Children's Museum



Portland Children’s Museum


We created a TV spot for our friends at Portland Children’s Museum to introduce their new Outdoor Adventure exhibit.


Kids are becoming more and more immersed in technology – and for those of us who grew up relatively unplugged, it's hard not to feel like they're missing out on the world beyond the screen.

So when the Portland Children’s Museum created Outdoor Adventure to encourage kids to climb trees, build sandcastles and play in water fountains, it felt like the perfect opportunity to remind parents and kids how much fun life can be away from the iPad.


We built the robot costumes in-house (we wanted them to look like something out of a child's imagination) and got to watch the spot premiere on the megatron at a Blazer's game before it hit the local airwaves. Our awesome kid actors were there, too.



Creative Director: Peter Metz
Director + Editor: Wil Magness
Writer (concept + script): Emily Jensen
Art Director: Julian Gese

Made at Sockeye